Koobik High sideboard

The Koobik High sideboard has a unique design which is composed of well-fitted and harmonized elements like drawers or cabinets. The design makes this furniture practical and functional allowing you to have space to store away countless things.

What’s more, you can personalize your Koobik High sideboard by choosing different colour cubes. This makes it possible to customize the furniture to any type of interior. This sideboard looks good as a cosy piece of furniture in the bedroom or child’s room, and an elegant form in the living room, dining room or commercial rooms. In addition, in the future, you can easily replace the cube with a new one, which allows you to refresh the furniture at a low cost.


The Koobik collection, including the Koobik High sideboard, was designed by Studio Motiv. Together, we managed to create something special! Talukko furniture is based on original designs, meticulously refined details and high-quality materials.

Price: 4.960 PLN
Availability: on request
Weight: 115 kg
Colours of exchangeable shelves

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It comprises of 5 drawers (with four similar veneered fronts and one deep drawer), three cabinets (in which two have touch latches) as well as a cube and cuboid – the colours depend on the preference of the user.


The furniture has been manufactured in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the European Union. The furniture is made of materials that meet the required attestations and certificates. The furniture is delivered complete with instructions on use and furniture care. For safety reasons, the piece of furniture should be attached to the wall.


The furniture is delivered on a pallet by an external transport company. The cost of transport depends on the dimensions of the furniture. The delivery is sent to the address of the building indicated in the order. Due to the dimensions of the furniture, the buyer should provide an additional person or assistance in order to carry the furniture inside the building.


The piece of furniture is entirely assembled except for the base, which should be screwed on.

Colourful cubes are placed in the furniture construction and can easily be removed and replaced in the future with a different colour.


Frame: chipboard covered with natural oak veneer

Knobs and furniture base: solid oak wood

Other elements: chipboard, MDF, hardwood plywood

Furniture finishes:

Varnishes and paints provide a durable coating that protects the surface against mechanical factors and chemical substances, as well as resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation.