Amagerbro TV console

The TV console from the Amagerbro collection is an extraordinary piece of furniture that can be used both as a TV console in the living room or as a piece of furniture in the hall or lobby. Decide for yourself where it will best fit and present itself best! Amagerbro TV console is characterized by a bold combination of classic and modern styles. The eclectic style of the furniture is visible in the stylized front of one of the shelves, decorative handles and legs and in other remaining simple and minimalist elements. The TV console consists of the so-called shoulder cabinet, two drawers in various sizes, and a veneer top, veneered with oak, which makes for a display for decorative elements, multimedia for HiFi and RTV equipment or as a functional seat.


The Amagerbro collection was designed by Studio Motiv. Together with Talukko, bold and unconventional furniture was created, which thanks to the use of classic materials and colours will perfectly fit into the ambience of any interior.

Price: 3.580 PLN
Availability: on request
Weight: 75 kg

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Amagerbro TV console consists of two different size drawers, one cabinet closed behind a stylized door (the so-called bar cabinet) and a countertop finished with natural oak veneer.


The furniture has been manufactured in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the European Union. The furniture is made of materials that meet the required attestations and certificates.

The furniture is delivered complete with instructions on use and furniture care.


The furniture is delivered on a pallet by an external transport company. The cost of transport depends on the dimensions of the furniture. The delivery is sent to the address of the building indicated in the order. Due to the dimensions of the furniture, the buyer should provide an additional person or assistance in order to carry the furniture inside the building.


The piece of furniture is divided into two parts, which should be assembled together. In addition, the legs should be screwed on.


Wooden table top: chipboard veneered with natural oak veneer

Handle and legs: solid oak

Other elements: particle board, MDF, hardwood plywood

Furniture finishes:

Varnishes and paints provide a durable coating that protects the surface against mechanical factors and chemical substances, as well as resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation.