About us

Talukko is the strength of tradition and experience in a modern and functional form. Our brand is based on 30 years of experience of the Pagok – Meble furniture factory. The family’s passion for wood inspired us to create a new brand. Talukko is a combination of many years of production experience in innovative technologies, top quality workmanship, as well as love for natural wood with a modern and fresh look at design.

The Talukko brand is a synthesis of family furniture tradition with modern design. All Talukko furniture has been designed and manufactured entirely in Poland.

Meble Talukko


Creating Talukko furniture, we draw inspiration from the most interesting trends in modern design. We entrusted the design of our furniture to talented designers from Poznań Design Studio Motiv. Thanks to our cooperation, collections of modern furniture have been created combining original forms with natural, high-quality material. We are not afraid of innovation, that’s why we play with colour that animates and gives an individual impression to our projects. We focus on detail and the perfect finish for every piece of furniture. We make every effort to ensure that our projects are compatible with the lifestyle and aesthetics of our users and that they respond to their needs.

Talukko furniture will be particularly appreciated by connoisseurs of unique design and refined details. Talukko – add some design!